Yoppie menstrual cycle care company calls its potential customers "bleeders", attracts ire

It sounds bonkers, but the CEO and founder of a menstrual cycle care company just called her potential customers thoroughly objectionable people. She chose the term "bleeders" to describe her targeted demographic on Instagram, without a hint of irony. 

"Most bleeders know they are impacted by their period..."

Daniella Peri and her company Yoppie are in London, the United Kingdom, which makes the choice of word even more bizarre, as a "bleeder" in the UK means a nasty bloke. 

Replies to the brand's Instagram promotion are mocking the word choice, which seems even more bizarre as the rest of the copy dares to use the word "woman" instead.  One commenter remarked: "It’s like Jay from The Inbetweeners has created this ad for a laugh." Another retorted with "Who the bleeding 'ell are you ?!!!!"

The moral of the story is that even when you create an ad using your CEO's own words, you might want to have a copywriter look it over before hitting post so you don't end up offending your entire target market. 



Yoppie CEO releases statement regarding "bleeders",offers no apology

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So bleedin' stupid!

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Even a moderately talented copywriter could phrase that so there’s no need to include the word ‘bleeders’ , or the word ‘women’. This just tells me that she just doesn't care.

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Report the Instagram ad for hate speech.

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Bleeders!? That implies a wound. Menstruation isn't just blood, it's menstruation. Who gave this idiot enough money to start a company?

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“bleeders” is a slur used against girls and women.

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CEO calls herself a bleeder bc of men's feelings. Could you imagine a Prostate Cancer Org's CEO saying, "MOST JIZZERS KNOW THE COMPLICATIONS THAT STEM FROM PROSTATE HEALTH CONCERNS! WE'RE HERE TO ASSIST JIZZY ROPESHOOTERS FIND PEACE OF MIND" Crustysheet Founder & CEO Vic Stiffman


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hemophiliacs are called bleeders.

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How did she think this was a good idea?