You'll need a few of these beers to appreciate the music.

It appears that American Idol's so-horrible-he's-errr-still-horrible William Hung has an equally bad counterpart in Czech Republic. Anna Gleisnerova, an 18 year old gal who did her own version of making ears bleed for the Czech talent show, Superstar, is now adorning hundreds of billboards for Bernard beer along with the tag "The world's gone mad. Stick with Bernard." Full shocking story at the Prague Post.

Now the question is, which US brand will be the first to hook up with Hung?

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Would you be able to read that ransom-note-style billboard headline as you're flying by on the road? Maybe in a Skoda.

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Truth be told, I'd rather look at that atrociously art-directed billboard than the grey, downtrodden communist buildings that represent that majority of the Czech architecture outside of the old city!

(I used to work (&live) there, and real life in the Czech capital is a rather glum affair...)