Youtube offers free music, shoot and post production in LA

Need an editing suite fast, and are short of cash? Any YouTube channel with at least 100,000 subscribers, and whose account is in good standing, can make use of yoytube's state-of-the-art post-production workstations in Los Angeles. The Creator Lab & Residencies offer space and tech for short shoots, music and post production. The only thing youtube can't accomodate is animal handling, smoke machines, motorized vehicles, weapons, alcohol, stunts, and any cast/crew under 18 years old. This is like an energy drink injection for cash-strapped but idea rich entertainment/content creators in LA who now have access to professional grade gear and studio for free. But wait! There's more! London and Tokyo also have free content creation spaces, and suddenly the three branded entertainment advertising capitols of the world got a lot of competition.

Small print: Every video that features content produced or shot at YouTube Space LA needs to be cleared by YouTube.

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