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Yuengling "The Edge" (2018) :30 (USA)

"The only way to find the edge is to go over it." Does that mean drink till you drop? What then follows are platitudes we've heard a dozen times before or more. Go bigger. Rank up the night. It's a shame because Tap into your inner eagle could lead somewhere cool and I don't even mind spread your wings as a tagline. But the visuals are so pedestrian it just looks like something you'd find on Getty if you searched 'good times." Washing the car and getting sprayed with a hose. Playing darts. Having a cookout. This could be for any beer. And that's a shame. Because Yuengling has a hardcore fan base, second only to PBR, except with much less of the hipster stench attached. Yuengling is America's oldest brewery, too. Which is something else they could have mined. What a shame.

Client - D.G Yuengling & Son, Inc.
Director of Marketing – Tyler Simpson

Creative Agency - Laughlin Constable
Chief Executive Officer – Mat Lignel
Chief Creative Officer – Dan Fietsam
Creative Director – Jon Laughlin
Creative Director – Grant Simpson
Executive Producer – Phil Smith
Art Director – Chris DeYoung
Art Director – Allie Geise
Copywriter – Miki Turner
Copywriter – Matt Portman
Account Director – Kate Raasch
Senior Account Manager – Jonathan Cleveland
Chief Strategy Officer – Mark Carlson
SVP, Strategic Planning – Katy Gajewicz
Production Company – Fancy Content
Director – Jason Zada
Editorial Company – HIVE

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