Zima - Mad Poodle (1999) - 0:30 (USA)

Watch out for the mad poodle!

Client: Zima

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Does Zima still exist?

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Yes, it does.

From Wikipedia:
Competitors to Zima in the US have been largely unsuccessful. Miller's Qube and Stroh's Clash are no longer made today. In 2000, Smirnoff launched Smirnoff Ice, which today outsells Zima.

Today, the beverage is marketed as ZIMA and is available in three flavors:

ZIMA Citrus
ZIMA Tangerine
ZIMA Pineapple Citrus

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Zima is " a few degrees cooler"? Wow. Sad ad.

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I thought Zima was undrinkable way back. Kids these days like soda pop so go Zima you found a market.