ZooYork - ZooYork - Spec work (2007) :30 (USA)

Spec work for ZooYork directed by Oliver DeFilippo from Thintank.tv LA, California.

Title: ZooYork
Director: Oliver DeFilippo
Country: USA

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Nice idea, very nice. Good soundtrack. Zoo York should run this ad.

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great job o. its been a favorite of mine for a while. it needs to be on tv right meow!

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Update - Backdating this ad as I have been informed this ad was produced in 2007 not 2009. dates people, they're important when you submit work. Cheers.

(and yes, many have pointed out the the Ty Evans and Spike Jonze Girl Skateboards / Yeah Right! video similarity. Directors spec ad copies idea in skater video. Stop the fucking presses. It's not like when BBDO Mexico ripped offf the Fully Flared Spike Jonze video for a paying client and actually aired it...... or is it?)

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Badlander! And a rip-off!

This is two years old http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhpX8heD-0U

And Spike Jonze did the invisible skater first back in 2003!!