Zulu Alpha Kilo - A real (totally fictional) agency overview video (2016)

Zulu Alpha Kilo who have amused us with "if concepts could talk boards. They mocked the idea of doing free spec work by asking for Spec Eggs, Spec abs and Specspresso. They also have a cup for every employee. in short they're hilarious and accurate when they skewer our loved-and-hated advertising business. Though, they got into a little bit of trouble with their "jingle butts" christmas funny, as some saw the boss wearing red G-string as sexist. Don't ask me how.

Here they mock old school fake it until you make it ad people, founders of agencies who bribe local shops to allow a poster in the window, just to win awards in Cannes. It's painfully astute, and so is the Zulu Alpha Kilo website that goes along with this. I say, what is in the water in Canada? John St and you guys seem to be having too much fun making parodies of the advertising business. John St has recently mocked femvertising, fearfilled prankvertising and reactvertising. While we're at it, do Canadian ad agencies ever make ads for clients? Or have we moved beyond that up there?

Client: Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto's

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