A Cannes Titanium Badlander

By now y'all know that the Titanium winner this year was the Japanese company Design Barcode for inventing and implementing cool designed bar codes.

Naturally, we've seen this before. (More inside)


No more Owen = No more Northen Rock ads.

My bad juju-vibes sent Michael Owen off the field two minutes into the match against Sweden (or perhaps it was just bad luck and nothing to do with me decapitating chickens and dancing naked smeared in their blood) - as he twisted his knee really nasty and was sent off the field. No more Owen in the cup.
Read more for the really unfortunate ad placement of the week.

Northern Rock has had Owen in their ad campaign, and featured featured him wrapped in the England flag alongside slogans such as "One of ours over there" and "Can we have him back in one piece please?". Well, the latter is a rather unfortunate headline - and inside is a rather unfortunate placement of the ad.


Cutting edge advertising....

Ah, and you thought I was done for the weekend. But nooo, here I go and dig up some cutting edge badlanders. Or at least some very sharp creative. Razor sharp, in fact. See inside


Alphabet soup - illustrating with letters.

Welcome to another helping of badlandian joy, this time we have a steaming hot alphabet soup to feast your eyes on, with a side dish of texted portraits. For all of you who wanted to know what happens when art directors stop being polite, and start using that "spray image" tool in freehand....


Big people in small spaces

Here's a fresh new badlandian squeeze for all ye who like it with pulp in. Pushing big people into small spaces is fun! Or as our eagle-eyed tipster puns it in Swedish "noll koll"!


Blend of Sound Ads with Pussies

Adcopycatz alerts us to this pair of badlanders for Fresh Sound Design and Music and Risk Sound. They were spotted in Campaign Brief Australia over a period of 2 years. Both are attempting the edgy-route with sweet little kittens in blenders, in front of a microphone.


The "do good" concept chain reaction

Last week, Hill Holliday launched a new ad campaign for Liberty Mutual. The concept for the ads is responsibility with a new tagline "What's your policy?". In the TV spot, we see one person doing something nice/helpful to someone else, who in turn does something nice, etc...and we follow the chain reaction.

Back in 2003, Arnold Worldwide (whom Hill beat out when it won the Liberty Mutual account back in October) had some ads for VW Beetle Convertible that did the exact same thing. It won awards at the One Show, Cresta, and LIAA in 2003. Is it a coincidence that both agencies are just blocks away from each other in the same city? Who knows.

There is also another campaign, which is more recent. Hilton's new "Be Hospitable" by Foote Cone & Belding also shows people doing nice things for strangers. The microsite for the campaign even asks visitors to share their stories of kindness from a stranger. It's very similar with the exception of the chain reaction motif.

See all the ads inside.


Ariston VS Ecover VS Whirpool

When I saw this spot for Ariston Washing Machines, I was sure I'd seen something before. It features clothes that have been made to look like aquatic life, swimming blissfully in an aquatic wonderland.


Kittens and kids - that's how you pull the heartstrings

Everyone knows that kittens and kids, puppies and babies are the surefire way to peoples hearts in advertising. But in this transparent trend as of late, did you know that kittens and kids stick nicely to glass doors?

Found via houtlust blog which keeps track of nonprofit pro-bono and sway stuff.


Stinking ideas.......

Ah, bless clothes with characters on 'em! They're so easy to use to make a visual point! Here's two varations of that execution, you might remember the Andrex ad which was nearly banned in 05. Here it meets Heinz.


Love Films spot the movie title

Neo nailed it in this comment "like the subservient "___", this is way past it's prime". Here's another "spot the X" similar to the Stella Artois' print campaign with the hidden films and Virgin's spot the band name game, and most recently the Absolut puzzle where you hunt for the vodka bottles.


Pay no attention to the idea behind the curtain!

Here's a fun Badlander I reckon - since everyone and their aunt are so in awe of the recent shower curtain poster for Mömax, I'd just like to point out that the whole playing with curtains thing has been done before. Of course. ;)


Hardees+KFC = a mouthful of Badland material?

Regular adgrunt TDD spies on these two commercials, wondering if they might qualify as a Badlandian pair. Well, they certainly are a mouthful.... what do you think? Regurgitation (ew) or coincidence?

Hardees Philly steak cabbies

and the banned UK KFC commercial from last year,

KFC - Chicken Zinger Crunch Salad / call center


Pro bono ad banned for "attacking football"

Wow, footie fever has reached new heights and clearly broiled the brains of the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre watchdog who just banned an ad for "attacking football."

The banned advert from World Vision was encouraging viewers to sponsor a child in the Third World, it showed a young African boy playing football with a ball made out of maize, bags and string. The VO then said: "England's team are sponsored for £49million. Masidi is sponsored for 60p a day."


iPod music is like drugs......

Seems the iconic ipod art direction strikes again - the art director who came up with it is hopefully laughing herself silly all the way to the bank - this time the silouettes are used to warn against drugs. Scaryideas has images of the junkie iPod ads, which read "not all drugs are as harmless as music".

Scary ideas explains the posters "Guerilla campaign for the Berlin Suchthilfe, the Berlin drug awareness organisation." I'd hardly call that guerilla, and unforunatly there's no posting date. The url that seems to be on the posters, www.berlinersuchthilfe.de doesn't exist in the denic.de database. Who knows when this ran.