The religious iPod spoof
NetZero's AOL bashing ad spoof
It's Snow Fun
Would you like an old joke with your coffee?
Nokia vs. Sagem
Pinball dreams - replayed.
HP vs. VW
Both of these ads really suck.
Bisley vs. Krause - Musicnotes vs Math
Non smoking ads lie - twice over.
Photocopied concept, part two.
Ads imitate cartoons at Cannes - again.
Booze that bites - visuals that bite
Honda vs. Mercedes
Poses overexposed!
Bud Light vs. Isenbeck (Yoga vs. Ballet)
Queen vs Bauer & Borsato
No nipples please, we're British.
Goodby Ripping Off. . . McClain Finlon?
What a pair of boobs
Milk - where did you get that mustache?
French's vs. Burger King vs. A-1
Visual dead on arrival
Orgasms affect short-term ad-memory?
Big ideas in small logos - twice.
Aflac vs. Flonase
Cisco vs. AOL
Lincoln Navigator vs. Fiat
Hot Pockets vs. Beef
10 years later EA Sports copies Nike
Ace Window Cleaners v/s Stella Neo
More flies in the honey