Elephants and Mobile Phones.
Greenpeace vs Designstudents
Milk and Mobile Phones.
Sometimes a cigar is just a layout.
Honey - where are my ideas?
Train Ads.
Killer orginality.
Don't Jump!
All cars are the same, so are their ads
Paint by numbers - easy as 1-2-3
Parkbench media - used well / Badland
Play with your food part one
Rip-off .. Or not?
Nazi Meat.
Play with your food part TWO
WonderBra vs PushUp bra!
The same visual...but different ideas!
Underground bands are really unknown.
Recycle your own ideas.
Pin Up Girls Galore!
Bilingual Heineken looses its shirt.
More Mustaches!
Bang! Bang! You're Copied!
Preem vs Good Guys Auto.
Welcome to Marlboro ads