Would you like an old joke with your coffee?
Nokia vs. Sagem
Pinball dreams - replayed.
HP vs. VW
Both of these ads really suck.
Bisley vs. Krause - Musicnotes vs Math
Non smoking ads lie - twice over.
Photocopied concept, part two.
Ads imitate cartoons at Cannes - again.
Booze that bites - visuals that bite
Honda vs. Mercedes
Poses overexposed!
Bud Light vs. Isenbeck (Yoga vs. Ballet)
Queen vs Bauer & Borsato
No nipples please, we're British.
Goodby Ripping Off. . . McClain Finlon?
What a pair of boobs
Milk - where did you get that mustache?
French's vs. Burger King vs. A-1
Visual dead on arrival
Orgasms affect short-term ad-memory?
Big ideas in small logos - twice.
Aflac vs. Flonase
Cisco vs. AOL
Lincoln Navigator vs. Fiat
Hot Pockets vs. Beef
10 years later EA Sports copies Nike
Ace Window Cleaners v/s Stella Neo
More flies in the honey
Suggestive Red Devil posters banned
Covenant House vs. ING
Rizla advert banned over 'drug reference'
Heinz vs. Melita
Barnardo shocking ads gets complaints.
Too sexy FHM ad banned by ASA
spank fashion ad withdrawn after complaints.