Brazilian Beer Brand Brahma Tells Festival-Goers: ‘Stop Worrying, Lose Your Phone, And Just Have Fun’

Meet 'Brahma Phone': A phone created by a brand who understands everything about Carnival and nothing about cell phones

São Paulo, March 14, 2024 – AMBEV's Brazilian beverage icon, Brahma beer, fresh from elevating the spirit of the Brazilian Carnival as its biggest sponsor, is preparing to bring the same joy to other large events and gatherings by making it easy for partygoers and festival gatherers to leave their phones behind while remaining connected.

This move isn't just about taking a beloved beverage global; it's about sharing a unique approach to enjoying festivities without a fret.

Brahma Phone was the best option for partygoers for four days.

Brazilian Carnival, a spectacular showcase of carefree revelry, often sees its luster dimmed by concerns over personal belongings, particularly smartphones. Brahma’s response? The ingenious Brahma Phone: a device designed for festival-goers to carry into the heart of the party, stripping back to only what’s essential: calling, SMS, GPS, a transportation app, and an 8-megapixel camera. This innovation lets party-seekers leave their high-tech worries behind, ensuring the celebratory spirit remains unbroken.

Celebration Without Complications

Brahma believes in making every moment of celebration count, unhindered by concerns of loss. The Brahma Phone introduction at Carnival was met with such a positive reception, it’s only natural that the brand brings that same carefree spirit to other events.

The focus remains on promoting stress-free times at some of the world's most iconic gatherings.

Crafted in collaboration with Brazil’s Africa Creative of Omnicom Group’s DDB Worldwide, the Brahma Phone stands as a symbol of creativity and consumer connection. “Brahma is more than a beer; it's a brand that solves real problems for those eager to celebrate life fully. This project perfectly encapsulates our approach to meaningful engagement with our consumers,” comments Sergio Gordilho, Co-President and CCO of Africa Creative.

For Revelers Everywhere

Available to those over 21, the Brahma Phone underscores Brahma’s broader vision of fostering greater freedom across a variety of public festivities. This initiative is poised to spread far beyond Brazil and Carnival, offering a novel way to experience the fun without the usual encumbrances.

Brahma warmly invites all to embrace the liberation the Brahma Phone offers.

Both the brand and its agency partner are excited about sharing the Brahma Phone to future gatherings. Brahma’s palpable excitement about enhancing audiences’ celebratory experiences with innovations that prioritize letting go, simplicity, is the essence of festivity.


Title: Brahma Phone

Agency: Africa Creative

Advertiser: Brahma

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Co-CCO: Nicholas Bergantin

Creative Director: Henrique Martins and Raphael Santos

Creation: Raphaela Filippetto, Lucas Menegotto, Rafael Teixeira, and Giovanna Carvalho

Co-COO: Heloísa Pupim

Account Services: Rafael Marques, Vivianne Santos, Luisa Pires, Giulia Fernandes

VP Media: Pedro Eustachio

Media: Thiago Martinez, Victor Berto, Caroline Richa, Victoria Molina, Carolina Oliveira, and Wenderson Gontijo

VP Planning: Ana Paula Kuroki

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VP of Special Projects and Creative Content: Juliana Leite

Director of Special Projects: Lica de Souza

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Producer: Bruno Arneiro

About Africa Creative

Africa Creative ( is one of the largest and most awarded advertising agencies in Brazil and Latin America, responsible for successful campaigns for some of the country’s most prestigious brands. Africa was founded in 2002 and is part of Omnicom Group’s DDB Worldwide.


About Brahma

Brahma ( is a premium quality, refreshing and authentic beer that embodies the spirit of Brazil. Brewed with passion and expertise, it delivers a unique taste that captures the essence of Brazilian culture and tradition. Made from the finest ingredients, Brahma Beer offers a smooth and crisp flavor profile that is perfect for any occasion.

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