Cindy Crawford is back: One Margarita/ feat. Saucy Santana -That Chick Angel, CasaDi, & Steve Terrell

Cindy Crawford makes a surprising comeback showing off her most famous skillset, the act of being a thirsty and beautiful woman. She did this for Pepsi in a Pepsi superbowl ad in 2018, which was a throwback to 2002 when Pepsi had her do the same thing for Diet Pepsi. Before that we celebrated 15 years of the best Pepsi ad ever in 2001, which was a throwback to Cindy drinking Pepsi in 1992. At this point I'm wondering if "Pepsi new generation" tagline means that you simply do not age.

Anyway, Cindy is all grown up now, despite looking he same, and has (her husband) invested in a tequila company, which is how she ends up lending her legendary and world-renowned looking pretty while being thirsty skills to this hilarious music video. She's the butt of the joke, so the cameo works even for people who don't get the reference.

Bewarned, the "One Margarita (Spicy Remix)," is a very suggestive and not safe for work (NSFW) music video, so put headphones on. It's created by That Chick Angel, CasaDi, and Steve Terrell, featuring Saucy Santana.

The song, also known as "The Margarita Song," has been a massive hit, earning millions of streams in recent months and sparking a TikTok craze, with well-known figures like Lizzo recording their own covers.

Interestingly, this four-minute earworm of a video serves as promotion for two brands: Casamigos, a tequila maker co-owned by the supermodel's husband, and BlendJet blenders.

Brand: Casamigos & BlendJet

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I love the fact that the building she enters has the same shape of their facade as "halfway cafe" did in 2002. Good detail.