Battle of the ad blogs winner will be announced on Sunday

I'm still getting a few people expressing concern about the voting here on the battle of the adblogs, the idea that someone, or a few, contenders are cheating is worrying some honest battlers. I must repeat though that the Adverka Russians and the Brainstorm9 Brazilians have an honest-to-god non-cheating advantage in the numbers of people who read these blogs. Don't assume that they are the cheaters beacuse of their high number of votes as they are battling each other to a pulp, I see no signs of foul play in their records in the log.

So here is the deal, while this is the very last day for you to vote - tomorrow the tenth is the end of the battle - I will take the logs home and pour through them with a fine toothed comb. If i find that:

1) One IP# actually has managed to vote more than once, it will be reduced to one vote as announced in the rules.
2) People have been using "anonymizers" (or other IP hiding software) to vote, these votes will be annulled.

Come sunday I'll show you the findings. Personally, I doubt people are cheating, but I think good of people naive that I am. ;9 This is supposed to be friendly and fun, but it's clear some players took the idea of "war" very seriously. hehe.

If you have one of those anonymizer software things installed and voted with that on, turn it off and make your vote count by voting for your favorites again. May the best blog win. Good luck to all! Battle Of The Ad blogs

.....I would have shown you the winner on the tenth as planned had these cheating concerns not thrown a wrench in my plans. I don't have time to chck the logs thouroughly tomorrow, and figured you'd rather wait and know that all log-lines had been checked.

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Always so darned discreet. who is accused of cheating and by whom?

lostmyremote's picture

Just post the winners! It's not an award show with out some kind of controversy! If people want to bitch and moan all the better! We can have a witchhunt afterwards.

Dabitch's picture

Hahaha! This be true.
However, nobody cheats on my watch! Hence, I keep a log. Plus now we get to have the baited breath while waiting and the usual "judges were bribed" type controversy. (dear bribers, I want a champagne colored 1972 volvo p1800 ES. Lets talk.)


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Hey Dabitch, you're becoming quite the celebrity down-under - as some kind of dominatrix maybe?
Firstly, on the Kiwi site where under the headline 'Sunday, February 05, 2006 - Pictures from our LA office opening'
there's a very fetching photo of you (in leather) standing in front of a pic of Patti Hearst. You almost have a MaDOMma look going on :)

Then regarding the Battle of the Blogs, you actually pop up yourself to tell the bad Ozzie boys attempting to grind out more votes for the CB Blog, that you'll know if they attempt to cheat -
To replay:
Dabitch said...

Delete cookies all you want fools, one ip# only gets to vote once anyway.

2:42 AM
Anonymous said...

Aaawww Shit! Dabitch is in da house.

6:49 AM

Doncha just love it? The Kiwi and Ozzie ad-industry blogs are some of the nastiest around in terms of abusing folk, BUT Dabitch goes in to straighten them out and all they can do is panic.. ha ha - I think Dabitch could end up as the industry, disciplinarian pin-up for foul mouthed, rowdy ANZACS!

Good on you Dabitch - from another, not quite so foul mouthed, rowdy ANZAC!

Dabitch's picture

HA! They nicked my Patty-posing? You know I still have her on my wall. And all leather is the only way to dress when looking for ballot stuffers. With a whip, of course. Have you all been good boys and girrls? Hmmmm?