Beware of the Office invaders!

A surefire way to get sod all done today is to play Baskin Robbins Office Invaders, where the object is to knock out as many collegues as possible with rubber bands until you make it to the executive office. I've ony made it as far as getting mauled by the managers. Grrrrr! Like Space invaders, this is silly addictive.

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Personally this kinda shit pisses me off and should piss off any consumer who accidentally clicks on it.

#1) spaced invaders played better since almost thirty years ago. Want power ups? Galaga, twenty five years ago. As a game, it's "eh".

#2) As a brand experience, it's an F. It has almost nothing to do with baskin robbins, it doesn't make me like baskin robbins, the "power ups" of the drinks make no sense (put tires, cigarettes, bananas, cologne, anything in it's place, doesn't effect the game idea at all)

#3) the billboards between levels are lame and boring

that being said I like what they did where it gets you to the site and there is a call to action on the side and all of that. But can't video games be given the same amount of conceptual thought that goes into traditional advertising? Let's see some ideas.

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Yes...yes...even so...but check out #18 baby! Score: 30,920.

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Damn you Rob, I was hoping to get some work done today.

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You're right of course. But you knew that already.