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The Volkswagen GTI Mk V joy ride.

We have all seen the interactive websites. There are some advertising beer, magnetic paper, breath mints, and all kinds of stuff. It shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to learn there is yet another interactive website out there. This one is for the Volkswagen GTI Mk V.

You get to configure a Volkswagen GTI Mk V from the roof rack to the valve stem caps. Body colour, engine, interior, and electronics are just some of the choices. But it doesn't end there. You get to go for a joyride in your new GTI when you're done.

Once you have finished customizing your GTI, you get to watch a video of the car you made. The video depicts you driving, as seen from a first-person perspective, with Fräulein Helga beside you in the passenger seat. Each video is different depending on how you configure your GTI.


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Perhaps it's just me but, does anyone else thing it's odd that the banner ads VW has been running recently show the Fast, but link to the vwfeatures site rather than the Project Fast site? Did someone goof or is this on purprose? It's a little odd that they would cross pollenate those different campaigns.

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I love stuff like this that breaks conventional advertising.


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Obviously, typical CP+B.

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I don't know if that german woman is a celeb or not, but not having seen her before makes it all the more bizarre and fun.
What's that last line, "now let's get you back to the internet" - ?
I'm glad I don't do drugs anymore.

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That is odd - fine by me though as I muh preferred the nutty un-pimping 'Germans' over that little creepy humming fast doll.