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Orange 3G banner follows you through websites

Y&R in Israel created a banner for 3G playlist cellular service that was a little different. The banner, once clicked, takes you on a journey through the leading websites and back to where you started. It might be the first time in Israel that the leading websites have co-operated to show the same banner and get "travelled through" as that's what the banner does. Y&R claims not only a 4.5% click rate, but also that this banner propelled the internet advertising as a whole since it opened new doors.

See the banner in action.

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The music takes it all...

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Ah i see, it's like that iPod domino spot, well, somewhat.

evahasson's picture

Well to be exact, this banner went up in March .... so if my maths are correct, I think the ipod ad came afetr

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Nobody told me the date this banner ran, so I guess we'll just have to take your word for it. Who are you?

evahasson's picture

I work for Y&R and was involved in the development of the campaign

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Ah. For how long did the banner run?