Save the 76 ball!

Oh Noes! The Los Angeles Times reports that the 76 ball logo is being 86ed. The round orange cult icon can't die without a fight say - and I agree. I've loved that thing since I was a kid and even have it here as a choice among the user avatars. Don't let the 76 ball join the other classics in Logo R.I.P..
Save the !

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caffeinegoddess's picture

I remember when it was considered cool to have those little 76 antenna toppers. Ooh hey, you can still get them.

Dabitch's picture

What, it was considered uncool? When? It's always been cool dammit! ;)

caffeinegoddess's picture

I dunno. There aren't any 76 places near where I am now, so I've sorta lost touch if it still was cool. ;) I don't know if people in this area even know what it is. I'll have to ask.

bluelobster's picture

The last 76's left this area about 15 years ago. The only reason a lot of younger people even knew of them was due to their relationship with NASCAR. That ended a couple years ago, so it's fading in public awareness around here even faster now.

If I had one of those orange 76-balls on my car's antenna, most people would simply wonder just WHAT 76 was.