Help the Hill Holiday intern out

There is something odd going on in the comments to the HHblog post Responsibility. What’s Your Policy?...

Doesn't it seem that all those comments gushing with praise seem a tad canned?


There's certainly something a little stiff about the blog, if! calls Hill Holiday's blogging attempt "all talk and no trousers." and tries to decipher why it is like that.


But back to that intern, adlisters have started a little game testing who can compose (and get posted) "the most unguent* Liberty Mutual tribute."

Bonus points for tears welling as at least three commenters have had to hit the kleenex so far.

Triple score if anyone in on the game can read it to mean the exact opposite.

Post your comment here so we can keep track of the attempts made.

I'm not linking because I don't want them to find the game and spoil our fun.. yet. Just copy and paste into your browser.


* unguent is now slang for "unbelievably smarmy"


* edit: fixed HHCC's link to work now since we've been busted. oh darn. ;)

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I got this one waiting for moderation:

#Oscar W says:
This ad is a great work of art and should be taught at schools. The the leap from being polite to “Responsibility” brought tears to my eyes. You are an inspiration to me, with only God above you. Bless you for making me smile again.
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Here's mine. Someone on adlist wanted Shakespeare, so I thought I'd give it to them. The "here" instead of "hear" was intentional. :)

Eliza J says:
This is such an important message and should be shouted from the rooftops for all to here. When the announcer said, " repsonsibility, what's your policy," I nearly cried. I called over all the kids in my orphanage and we watched it together, and every single one shed tears of joy and contentment. See, these children live a life devoid of responsibility--with nobody to teach them the higher values of life. So to see such a remarkable message on TV, well, it brought them something they haven't gotten in awhile: hope. I think it was Shakespeare who said, "all the world's a stage on which we are only players" my kids can be safe in the fact that there is a greater being who directs us on that stage, ensuring that we all take care of each other. In this world blighted by terrorism and strife, there could be no better insurance!

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Such a worthy cause. Here's my meager contribution to the effort. I'm posting it here because I have a feeling HHCC won't keep it up for long:

"I was facing an existential crisis of epic proportions. My life was a cosmic joke, utterly bereft of passion or purpose. A vast, gaping void stretched before me. . . nothing but darkness as far as the eye could see.

"And then I saw your commercial.

"It is a work of such staggering genius, such unbearable beauty that all of mankind

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Holy crap, you got that approved.
That's gonna be hard to beat.....

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wow, just as I posted my reply to Brandon, you come up with that! Lets see if that makes it past the moderator.

And yes, it's that Ernie. AFAIK he was once Creative Director at HH, wasn't he?

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Very funny. Yes, it's over the top. But that's the point. And they seem approval crazy today, so who knows? :)

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Submitted: Never have I been so touched by a commercial. Your words of inspiration send me to a place of unparalleled joy and happiness I cannot keep from weeping with joy. May all the sinners in the world be touched by your message from God!! It is with glorious jubilation that I will share this with all that I know, so that your message will be passed throughout the world to those who need it.

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Looks like it was too over the top for Hill Holiday. The cheeky buggers took it off their blog. Go figure.

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Hey everyone. Wow this is fun. Can I play? Loved the orphanage thing, by the way. Wasn't there something about a transvestite? Brilliant. Look, guys, here's the deal. There is no intern. There's nothing canned, not even a tad. There's nothing odd going on. I think what we have here is an issue of credibility. You guys don't believe that people could actually feel that way about a spot. You roll your eyes. You want to gag. That's cool. I understand that. I do. But America is a big country. And as we surely know by now, there is at the present time a lot more red sensibilities than there than are blue. As for Piers, I love the man. And he makes a good point. We need to get more prolific and diverse. We're working on that. We will solve that. That said, though, I think there's more to a successful blog than how many posts you manage to get up in a day. But hey, what do I know.

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Apologies, Ernie. Only having a bit of sport.

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Um, don't you think someone from HH -- or their friends or friends of friends -- stops by AdLand?

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More red than blue? Horseshit. Seriously. Have you checked the polls lately? But besides all that, the ads are just crap. I mean, helping someone with their stroller is not responsible--it's just a nice thing to do. Paying your bills on time is responsible. And not shafting your policy holders in their time of need, that's responsible too.

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I know what you're saying Leslie. But culturally? Yeah. More red than blue.

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Is that directed at me? If so, Sure I do. But it still took them all day before we just got busted, I knew it wouldn't last - we we're only having a bit of fun. No hard feelings I hope Ernie.
And I still think it's weird that not one, but three people had tears welling up in their eyes. Different individuals usually have different ways of expressing themselves. This could be because of the usual "comment seeding" done makes one (or rather moi) extra supah suspicious of any comments where you can't see the originating IP# (or something in that vein). Tssk, seedy marketing tactics have made me paranoid. Go figure. Well, that and the colombian marching powder*.

* coffee!

//* */