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Sterling Beer vs Vivatel

Got a hand? The first advert here is for Sterling Beer. The second one is the recently produced TVC from Vivatel - GSM service of Bulgarian telecom.

Both ads are rubbish quality-wise, so I youtubed them.

Badlander tip by hlebarov. Cheers!

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The correct youtube link for the second TVC is

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Cheers mate, MUCH better. Edited post to contain that video instead.

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I would bet a million dollars that neither creativ team ever knew about the other spot.
No, actually, make that a bazillion.

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Both spots reminds me of this Dr. Pepper commercial:


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Will you change your bet if you knew both ads are made by local offices of the same agency ? Or if you knew that the creative boss is a regularvisitor of sites like this one and regular reader of Luerzer Archive ?

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To hlebarov -

If that's the truth, then yeah, of courseI'd change my bet. Is it?

But I highly doubt somone connected to Archive would turn out two spots as shit as these two.

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Why don't you find out the truth?

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If that's the truth? Well... why don't you dig up the truth then? Or is it too hard for you?

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"But I highly doubt somone connected to Archive would turn out two spots as shit as these two."

That's a laugh...have you looked through Archive lately?

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Well spotted. At least in that ad they found something else for the one-hand man to do, I mean other than playing pool and putting pants on. There's got to be more one-hand gags than that I thought when I saw the two in the post above - yup, and they are all in that Dr pepper ad. ;)

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Ok, I'll bite. Which ww-agency did these ads? Saatchi? Publicis?