Ragevirus.co.uk is not ragevirus.com

This flickr photo taken by Mark McLaughlin shows the red Biohazard stencil currently all over London where the sender is "Ragevirus.com", which isn't the same as Ragevirus.co.uk which is a redirected adversite for 28 weeks later the zombie-virus movie.
Silly mistake? Yes, indeed it's a mistake... But maaaybe, just maybe, the misspelling was intentional in order to create a hubub about it on the web on high traffic sites like Metafilter and personal blogs all over. Naaah.
Mark McLaughlin who took that flickr pic now owns Ragevirus.com - clever bugger seems to have bought it as soon as he saw the misspelled graffitti - while Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation owns ragevirus.co.uk. Mark points out the .com vs .co.uk spelling mistake on his domain and adds:

...hey, Fox - you should probably tell someone off in your marketing team. You silly people.

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Judging by the abundance of googleads, Mark is probably McLaughing all the way to the bank.

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*pun*! Drrum-tssck!

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Presumably, these 'marketing' people are the same ones that don't understand the term 'Reply to All' in an email application.

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Street stencils are so 1999 anyway.