Link Lust: Link, Schmink, money schmoney.

Friday link lust for y'all. Finally the weekend is here!

The Fan Club here in Malmö won gold in Guldägget for this DM piece, a phone sent in parts which once it's put together has a message: "Hello, you seem tech savvy. We have a place for you at the technical college". l33t!

There's a new ad-porn site born where you can send in your work and each month a jury of world's top leading creative judge the best ad of the month. It is the brainchild of Dalbir Singh, an old adlist member who I once met fleetingly at schiphol airport. Good times. :)

Some cross-pollination going on here kids, Nomi Altabef who runs the Designs sessions community site and writes for Notes on Design where both yours truly and Caffeinegoddess have guestblogged is now guestblogging here. See the next post for example. :)

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The entire jury on that Adofthemonth site is male. Dabitch, why aren't you one of the judges?

Dabitch's picture

Oh, I dunno. I mean, I haven't askd to be one. I'll send my resumé I guess, naaah. Probably don't have time to be honest.

I like this ad though, Office Sumo, it reminds me of what I miss about big offices. ;)

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Did the phone come with assembly instructions?

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No assembly instructions, just a bag of bits and the recpients wits.