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Harvey Nichols Online Ad Goes Viral

The new online only Food Hall advert for Harvey Nichols is availiable to view on youtube.

It is already getting a backlash from vegans/vegitarians/animal lovers, and has caused some heated exchanges in various forums, whether good or bad it is certianly becoming viral through controversy.

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makethelogobigger's picture

That shit is brilliant and funny.

purplesimon's picture

Thank you for saying it's 'gone' viral as opposed to being 'a viral'. That alone makes me happy.I note that people who comment on this at the site are saying it's bad for animals, etc, yet they fail to do the same thing on other ads using animals (Andrex puppy, for example). Is it because of the fashion angle? Have they missed the point?Yes on all counts. 

jbw7577's picture

Oh I know about virals, the aount of times I have to advise peopel on "making a viral", no sir that is impossible, you can only make web content and hope it becomes viral...ie...it gets passed around

I think some people take things far to seriously, do they really think that animals can be used in an advert without every measure to ensure their health and wellbeing is taken? 

kurtberengeiger's picture

This film is humour with a big H.But I can't help wondering if all those moralistic comments on YouTube are real or the product of a viral-generating factory somewhere? 

Dabitch's picture

I thought it was hilarious. :) Also, I'm with kgeiger - the worried animal lovers in the comments seem to have forgotten their sense of humour somewhere, that seems quite faked.