Grey NYC's homage to Sinhead: Nothing compares to you-ouu-huuu buu-huu

Thank you, dear deep throat at Grey for sending is this super weird homage to Sinhead:

"Nothing Compares To 2"

- Grey is moving their creative offices to the second floor. Tor Myhren does not approve.

No more skyline views and cushy offices for Grey NYC's creative department. Creative Director Tor Myhren gets them ready for the move to CubicleLand on the second floor.

Oh my god, is that lipgloss on Tor? It is! He's wearing lipgloss to perfect the Sinhead homage! You have to love that!

I want to work for a creative director this crazy. The most "daring" thing my current one ever does is wear a pink tie. *sigh*

Client: Grey NYC
Principal talent: Tor Myhren

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Is he available for parties?