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Welcome to Marlboro ads

Or welcome to Welcome to sterotypicalvisual-land. These anti-smoking ads have the same visual. No smoke without fire as they say.. But who ripped off whom?

This ad was made by Karla Childers AD and Denzil Strickland CD/CW at the agency Cole Henderson Drake in Atlanta for the American Cancer society and was spotted in the 1995 CA annual.

This ad was made by Max Aperia CW and Joakim Jonasson CD at Paradiset in Stockholm for the non smoking generation.

According to sources this ad was made in January 1994, though I remember seeing it for the first time well over a year later (In 1994, I lived in London see, and spotted this ad in the subway the winter of 95 when I was in Stockholm) but I could be wrong (or the campaign might have run several years). Anyway, according to the magazine where I found this reprint it was nominated in Cannes and Eurobest so if anyone has the 94 and 95 annuals of these we can figure out when it was made. update the Non Smoking Generation website confirs these ads ran in 1994.

I wanted to add this third one of these marlboro country ads to the bunch as I knew that Adbusters had done it years ago. However, when exactly they made it I dunno. Over at adbusters webpage is where I found it.

I have a sneaky feeling that the adworld has been inspired by the adbusters, hand on your heart, who doesn't read adbusters? If anyone out there has backissues of adbusters from 94-95 and can find this ad it would be neat if you mailed it in. Do you think this is a coincidence or do you think these ads were inspired by adbusters or each other? Then again, did you see the cannes winning poster where they just showed a dead Marlboro horse saying "second hand smoking kills"? Marlboro is the ripest brand of ciggies to pick on.... Say what you think about it.

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This is all very well & trendy but when are we going to see similar ads & campaigns aimed at the horrendous health hazards of automobiles & the petrochemical industry?

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Mad Magazine was making spoof anti-cigarette and anti-booze ads similar to this all the way back in the '50s.

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Trendy? This was posted in 1996. Check the date. I think it's a long gone trend.

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I am 66. Smoked since 11, that's 65 years. I am doing great. Not dead. Don't believe all that you hear it's rubbish.