Miami hijacks everyone elses ad campaigns for

Kläppen Ski Resort are hijacking everyone elses outdoor ads with the help of Miami guerrilla advertising agency and Confetti ad agency.

– We realized that our web-address [in Swedish "klappen" is from "julklappen", that is specifically a christmas present], is really perfect for a campaign at this time of year. Everyone is running Christmas advertising and the yearly must-have Christmas gift is already decided, and as so often before it's some technical do-dah.
We think experiences that one can share are a better gift, and that's why we want to question everyone elses idea on what should be "the best Christmas gift of the year".

said Magnus Noppa, marketing CEO of Kläppen Ski Resort.

So how do you hijack everyone else's idea of the perfect gift? Simple, ride the pun of your url - point a small sign to the big posters stating "this years christmas gift?"

Ad agency: Miami, Gothenburg

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Very interesting, but not an original idea for a ski resort or anyone else.  Over 20 years ago, when I was working in Paris, someone made large stickers that were very difficult to remove which said in French, "Ski Chamonix Instead."  These stickers were strategically placed all over Paris on Christmas ads on bustops and other public places.  It caused a bit of an uproar, and Chamonix denied any involvement.  I tried to find a photo on the web with no luck, but it was back in the mid 80s.

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Same kind of company and strategy but am I missing a French pun in that? The neat thing here (IMHO) is that "klappen" really does mean "the christmas gift" in Swedish. (oh and since yours was mid-80's you can probably only find it in text, like say in a book at amazon - tried that?)

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My recollection is that Chamonix (or whomever) made creative use of "le cadeau" on the stickers, but obviously their name was not Cadeau, so there is a difference which Klappen and their agency were ingenious enough to capitalize on.  Nothing wrong with improving on the concept.  And they most likely had never heard of the Chamonix incident. 

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Interesting though, I had never heard of it either so thanks for sharing. :)