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Apple - Lemmings (1985) - 0:60 (USA)

this is one of the most hated ads of the superbowl, though I really like it.

Apple Computers

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I'm confused as why this is often refereed to as one of the worst superbowl ads of all time.... I think it's not bad at all [compare it to the other shite of this year] this idea still holds up - whilst the others often lack an idea and replace it with a celeb instead. (check alan alda hawkin atari it's hilarious)

perhaps PC users at the time took offense at being portrayed as lemmings? ;-)

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I find this hilarious b/c Disney perpetuates the myth that lemmings commit suicide - in a Disney nature documentary they took 3 years and 9 photographers and shipped lemmings in from Alaska to Canada to stage lemming suicide on a turntable. This is funny because there's the Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's Off To Work We Go music in the backround. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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This commercial is very unnerving. I thought it was very disturbing and the exact opposite of the year before. I don't think we had to see the people falling off the cliff. The song that's being played just makes it weird and when the ad is over, your just shaking your head.

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You should get some extra work as a participant in focus groups.

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That's an excellent idea. Mets82 should contact NRG immediately. I'm sure they have a place for him.

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I guess you could make the argument that anything that Apple would have done wouldn't have come close to the success of the 1984 spot. The bar was set that high.

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Interesting that this ad was done by the same company as "1984", but was not nearly as successful.

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Video is broken. :(

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Video is broken. :( I liked this one!