Copyright for dummies. Real dummies.

Thanks a lot adgrunt Goodbye for putting me in that uncomfortable state of not knowing whether to laugh or slam my head repeatedly at the keyboard with this total gem of copyright for dummies from the page Here's their advice:

One rule of thumb to check if the file is copyrighted is to see if you can find a video with the singer, artist or movie on the site youtube. youtube is a site where people can upload videos and youtube then transcodes the videos to another format and stores them in their database. If you can find a transcoded video with the singer/artist on youtube, the file you are about to transcode is probably not copyrighted.

I've made up my mind, slamming it is.

Speaking of youtube and their infringement sagas, the Viacom $1 billion lawsuit has finally gotten to pre-trial says Variety. However it's gonna take years and the rise and fall of many more companies that make their living off other peoples stuff before we know the results:

The case, which made big headlines in 2007, is on a slow track, with jury selection and trial proceedings not expected before early 2009.

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Files must be less than 700 KB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg gif png wav avi mpeg mpg mov rm flv wmv 3gp mp4 m4v.
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Another proof that most people are ignorant bastards.

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Amen to that. People wouldn't know IP if it bit tem in the ass.

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Beta? Who the fuck funded these idiots? I have a bridge to sell them.

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They just forgot a not. It should say "the file you are about to transcode is probably not not copyrighted."
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They probably support that guy who takes photos of photos & makes big bucks doing it.

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Ah, you mean Richard Prince who's re-photo (yeah I just made that word up) of the Marlboro man campaign sold at auction, with a record price of $1,248,000. Unfamiliar folk, see PDN newswire for more on that.

I'd really like to now who funded these guys too. Imagine what I could do with any kind of funding. Adland is only the biggest super bowl archive in the world built entirely on beer and bravery, and a few car sponges. That's actually true. ;P

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Yup, that's the guy. What really annoys me is that he actually takes pictures of other artist's photos & sells them, probably for more money than the person who actually came up with the original shot got.

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[insert nicked Picasso quote about true artists stealing here]