Do cocktail weenies sell perfume?

Gals, this one's for you.
And guys, cover your eyes.
Do not click on the following link if you have a weak constitution or prefer to leave things to the imagination. Oh, and hide the children. Supposedly this is the first big brand advertisement featuring male full frontal nudity.

Now the question du jour - does seeing a winkie make you want to buy this cologne? Or is it perfume?

...Perhaps it should be called Yves Saint Laurent Smegma7

Ladies - we want you opinion - is this lad 'au naturel' tempting you to rush out and buy YSL's latest? We know that women buy at least 70% of all male perfumes out there - we have wondered why male perfume ads haven't been blatantly aimed at the buyers before. The other 30% of this particular brand will probably be bought by gay men.

The ad will begin running October 24th [today people] and continue this fall.

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is there ever a line for selling in any perfume ad?

They are always all image. Like Kate Moss in short bobbed hair or want to look like that? Buy Chanels mademoiselle.
Like buff men swimming in Herb Ritz style photographs or want to be one of those buff fellars? Buy Davidoff.


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Nice to see so many people with a cock fetish. :p

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The weener is the most important part.

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It's a famous shot, but you're right - not a pic for a campaign (the M7 press release would have mentioned it if it was relevant, don't you think?) and b: Theres no full fontal nudity, you see a nekid man, but no weener. ;)

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me again, just posted. heres a link to yves pic my mistake, wasnt a pic for the campaign

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most of you suck so much ass its amazing! if only you could see that 1:the nudie pic is a visual similie expressing the ultimate raw masculine nature of the perfume and 2:(most importantly) this is not the first time M7 has been available, its a re-launch. in the original ad campaign (decades ago,) mr. saint laurent himself posed nude for black and white pictures closely resembling this one. this was long before he went looney and while he had the body of sexy young man. this pic is in a way in honor of yves, a brilliant man who broke the worlds virginity many, many times.

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We clicked on the "male full frontal nudity" link...
We replied to the picture...
These reactions are what sells.
...and if buying this perfume encourages male full frontal nudity I'm doing it.

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what, the ad?

someone have this hunks phonenumber? I like what I see.....

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crap - I've been spelling it wrong for years then.....

as far as the weenie is concerned - we show a lot of female nudity in ads, it's only fair to give the girls (and the gay men) something to look at too.

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an advert, singular is spelled "ad" not add, which is "adding" in short form.

I spell like shite myself but that is my biggest pet peeve.

also, I dont think weenies are gross, which is a good thing for my boyfriend. ;-)

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I'm sorry but that is just PLAIN GROSS! And no that perfume/cologne would NEVER SELL. I mean, what's wrong with you filthy animals?! You guys out there have NO HUMANITY. Please keep it CLEAN or else what WILL THIS SOCIETY BECOME?? Anyways, When I saw that add..I was bluntly disgusted, and NO DO NOT PUT THAT ADD IN A MAGAZINE.

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Sorry, but no. Weenies don't sell perfume to me. The ad is just more exploiting of an individual. Where's the line for selling? Leave more to the imagination and I'm sure that you would see more of a positive response.
Clitche: you catch more flies with honey.
This applies to women and their shopping.
Nothing is sacred anymore. Come on; how desparate or how far do we really need to push those lines. People are going to shop regardless of the ad. I know I do.

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His name is Samuel de Cubber, a frenchman and former aikido champion

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Why is this showing up in today's "Popular content"? It's ancient.

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three words: Google Image Search.

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Might be better used to sell cigars.

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ew ew EW eew, I'm going to have nightmares now. :))

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You're acting like he said to use the pic for a cigar cutter ad - you know, those little guilotine-like devices.

Which reminds me of the joke - Guy says to his psychiatrist: "Doc, everyday at work (at the food packaging plant), I get the urge to put my cock in the pickle slicer" The doctor tells him that he needs to resist such self-destructive tendencies, and tells the guy to call him when the urge strikes.

A few days later, the doctor gets a call from the guy, who says "Doc, I have to tell you, the urge was too great, I finally put my cock in the pickle slicer!" The doctor, horrified, says "What happened"? The guy answers "We both got fired! But it was worth it!"

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I was: Cigar cutters for the Jewish community.

Actually, is that racist?

No, my family are Jewish, so probably okay :)

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It's STILL showing up every time I visit in the "Popular stuff right now" box. People have a one track mind.

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Doesn't really bother me, but I certainly wouldn't buy it based on seeing a penis in the ad. If it smells good then I don't care what the ad looks like.

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I've figured out why it keeps hitting the toplist, it's linked from the Wikipedia : depictions of nudity.

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Wouldn't it be just cool to have a vagina selling perfume. Not that I would be so disparaging to assume that it smelt of rotten old fish or in other words make bitchy assumptions about its owners personal hygiene methods. Presumably the commentator on that point is an advocate of male genital mutilation! But my point is that this is sexist objectification. Oh no I hear you cry, only women are the victims of such a crime. Unfortunately ladies, that may be your belief but the reality is somewhat different. But then if we continually allow men to be objectified and exploited yet deny it, it retains the notion that only women are the recipients and not, as is invariably the case, the worst offenders.

In this instance, homosexual Tom Ford is behind this advert that was used in France. Now whilst I hear you complaining that Fords picture of a bottle of perfume sat in front of a vagina was sexist, the exposed genitals of a man are not. Hmmmm! Why would that be so. Why are women so blind to double standards? Because it suits them.

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Nobody on this website would say that only women are depicted in a sexist manner in advertising. In fact, I say sexist ads are bad for everyone.

Tom Ford is an equal opportunity offender, with full frontal nude Sophie Dahl, full frontal shaved labia behind perfume bottles on his resumé. So yes, he did do that "just a vagina selling perfume" idea you have, and I immediately thought "it must smell like pee".

Tom Ford has most likely inspired the gang rape images D&G used. The latter a tad more violent than simple nudity, with both heterosexual and homosexual seemingly forced encounters and/or porn-sets.

p.s. I'm a woman not blind to double standards, add that to your anecdata-pipe and smoke it.

//* */