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LG - Keep a secret (Voyeur) - (2008) 1:41 (France)

(credits withheld)

Not sure what to make of this ad. Does the LG Secret phone allow the user to perform voodoo? Is it the preferred phone of stalkers worldwide? Does the secret actually come with some super-fly ultra-zooming powers that allow for filming the neighbouring girl as she sleeps, and remote control that rips the sheets off her and starts the water sprinklers? All the while playing cheesy porn-esque musak? Really? Because I'd like to set off some cold water sprinklers in the office of the fucks who wrote this shite, and then make them dance to that horrid soundtrack, naked. Dance!

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michael's picture

I couldn't agree more. An adolescent one note idea supported by an equally cheesy faux jazz fusion track. Quite boring and way too long.

caffeinegoddess's picture

Two thumbs down. *raspberry*

Goodbye's picture

It's uncannily unpleasant. Oedipal stalkers is just not a good brand association...
This is actually the kind of stuff that gives advertising a bad name.

Must be done by 14-year olds.

purplesimon's picture

Is there a reason why credits are withheld? Well, apart from the obvious reason of not wanting to be associated with such trite?

@cafffeine - it should be six feet down.

@ Goodbye - I think you're being harsh to 14-year old creatives.