Mentos Gum - It's Mouthwatering - Water Cooler (2008) :15 (USA)

Warning: Viewing this spot may cause Mento illness.
I think... I might need to go and buy some gum.

Client: Mentos

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caffeinegoddess's picture I hurt my toes when my jaw hit my feet as I watched this on TV for the first time last night. Bravo to the team that pushed this through approvals.

Dabitch's picture

Am I the only one who finds this pretty gross?

caffeinegoddess's picture

no - but i'm impressed that they got the client to go with it. Perhaps hoping to generate buzz on how nasty it is.

RLDavies's picture

Well, gum is gross. The drinking gag is no worse than seeing him chomping in the first place. Anybody else in favour of re-legalising cigarettes and banning gum?

Dabitch's picture

*waves hands about in the air like she just don't care* meee, meee!

Allan1's picture

I think that it meant to be more silly than gross, although, if you have a problem with gum in the first place, this ad is NOT going to make your day.

I'm trying to figure out whether she takes some of his gum, while she's kissing him. (I noticed that he keeps on chewing after she disengages).

The silly part is the way that she pushes his nose out of the way, and as an afterthought, puts it back in place after she starts to walk away. :-)

Of course, the girl is well-built, and good-looking, and seemingly arrives out of the blue, and we get a little bit of down-blouse view as she kisses him. Pluses for sexy, and for silly. Mentos has had a series of ads where silly is featured, often triggered by the ingestion of Mentos.

rebeccaamerocco's picture

The part where Allan1 mentions the "silly part is the way she pushes his nose out of the way, and as an afterthought, puts it back in place after she starts to walk away"

that was supposed to be indicative of the water spout on the water cooler - pushing his nose back in place was the same as shutting off the nozel of the water cooler.

Also, everybody may have noticed that they changed two things since the inception of this commercial
and #1 is the sound of the water glub glubbing as she was drinking and
the second is that they no longer say "mouth watering" at the end.

Obviously enough people were grossed out by enough of the commercial that they had to make some changes.

Oh i hated this commercial SO MUCH that I immediately noticed when they changed the sound effects and got
a good laugh out of it.

Allan1's picture

Rebecca - I understood that, and I still think it's silly. :-)

Guyda's picture

The fact she drinks in his mouth is a little disturbing. And chewing gum annoys me a lot. So it's not my favorite commercial, but it's silly and i like it because they dare push the line a little bit farther. Does anybody knows what song is played for this commercial?

McKinnell's picture

I think this ad is pretty disgusting!! Doesn't conjure up any kind of positive image in my opinion and I prefer not to look at it again!!!

Silent Suzy's picture

This is TOTALLY disgusting. This woman is drinking his spit! The nose tweak is to turn off the water cooler spigot. I used to like MENTOS mints - but I'm going to be rethinking the entire brand.


rebeccaamerocco's picture

This commercial is gross and bleah! and it made me want to puke.

they did turn off the gurgling glubbing sound of water glopping out of the water cooler
as she drank his face.

Dabitch's picture

eeew had they left that in, I would have technicolor yawned. Gross.