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Zach and Miri make a porn movie - poster banned.

"Zack and Miri Make a Porno" opened at the Toronto film festival last week and this poster - yes, this one above here - was banned because.. Well I don't even know why.

Silent Bob a.k.a Kevin Smith might just be getting his fingers slapped for putting the word "Porno" in the title here - he actually had to petition the film's rating down from NC-17 to R, and now this poster is banned by the MPAA. Whisky tango Foxtrot? The poster is humourous and fully clothed - though with two conspicuously placed heads. Is this deserving of a ban? What do you adgrunts think?

Only those who have done what is implied here might get - and if you've done it, I reckon it may be to late to save that kid with a rating. Girls are pregnant at the age of 17 - I think they might now what the woohoos and dodahs do.

I'd understand the ban if the "coming soon" was spelled differently. Puns like that are evil. ;)

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They are quiet in Sweden: have we exported the Christian Democrats to MPAA?