Microsoft Windows - Windows. Life Without Walls. - I'm a PC. (2008) :60 (USA)

Phase 2 or Plan B, here it is.

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Rob Reilly : Executive Creative Director
Tim Roper : Creative Director
Dave Steinke, Michael Craven : Assoc Creative Director
Dave Steinke : Art Director
Production Company: Hungry Man, New York, Los Angeles
Director Of Integrated Production: David Rolfe
Group Executive Producer: Matt Bonin
Integrated Senior Producer : Broadcast: Chris Webb
Director: Bryan Buckley
Executive Producer: Kevin Byrne, Cindy Becker, Dan Duffy
Producer: Mino Jarjoura
Director Of Photography: John Lindley

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Dabitch's picture

"I'm a PC, and I'm kinda scared" - I bet you are.

Neo's picture

This is my complete lack of surprise. That was shit.

purplesimon's picture

"I'm a PC and I'm amazed anyone bothered to turn me on!" :D

The irony is, I'm on a PC. Why? IT professionals seem to think that copywriters need a PC. Duh.

Dabitch's picture

They still do that? Man, that's just annoying.

purplesimon's picture

I always write it off to the dumb thinking of the archaic theory that we don't need any of the AD type programs so we can stumble through with a PC. Then depending on the agency - there are those who consider it an "extra expense". Ugh.

backwrite's picture

Yuck. This is NOT what I was talking about somewhere else, where I suggested a Hodgman spoof would be a good thing. They just took the Hodgman line and pasted it onto their normal ineffective advertising. Yuck. Yuck.

mochazina's picture

This is so terribly terribly bad. SEINFELD COME BACK ALL IS FORGIVEN!

claymore's picture

My gut reaction.

Dabitch's picture


caffeinegoddess's picture

hahahah Clay!

mpared's picture

I'm crappy and I'm a pc ... I'm a crappy pc !!;0)

Robblink's picture

According to Computerworld, the spot was made using Macs.

Robblink's picture

Well, this might be the end of the Seinfeld/Gates era.

kurtberengeiger's picture

I'm sorry to bring this up, but does anyone else hear that weird flushing noise that seems to be following CP+B creativity around recently?

mochazina's picture

What do you mean recently? It's practically been a national sport in Adland to point out that sucking sound since 2004!