5Alive! - "Dog", "Circus" & "Theme" (2008) 3 x 0:15 (Canada)

Client/Brand: Coca Cola – 5Alive
Script Title: ”Circus” “Dog” “Theme”
Agency: Leo Burnett Toronto
Creative Team: Steve Persico
Creative Director: Judy John
Agency Producer: Tessa Waisglass
Facility House: KEEN music, Voice and Sound Design
Sound Engineer: Andrew McCready
Director: Thomas Neuspiel
Production Company: Problem Child Radio
Client: Coca Cola Canada
Voice Actor: Ali Rizvi & Benjamin Israel
Air Date: August 2008

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Singing like Axel Rose can sell anything.

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except 'Chinese Democracy'? :-)
I know, I know, he actually sold it, it just has never been finished!

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