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GAP Voting Campaign - Bill Maher - (2008) :30 (USA)

My personal favorite, Bill Maher says "vote BBQ".

Agency: CAA
Producer: Mathew Bijarchi
Creative Director: Jesse Coulter
Art Director: Ben James
Copywriter: Andrew Ault

Production/Animation: Superfad
EP: Kevin Batten
Creative Director/Director: Justin Leibow
Producer: Danielle Hazan
Designers/Animators: Justin Leibow, Adam Greene, Clarice Chin, Miles Kinghorn, Jimmy Thompson, Dylan Spears

Editorial: Final Cut
Editor: JD Smyth
Assistant Editor: Jacob Kuehl
Executive Producer: Saima Awan

Music: Asche and Spencer
Exec Producer: Carol Dunn

Telecine: Co3
Colorist: Stephan Sonnenfeld.

Website: AKQA

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Interesting ad. Would be a great public awareness message if you didn't already know the speaker. Since the speaker is someone we all know as being on a specific side of things, and he is referring to charges made against a particular candidate, it's not as agnostic as you want it to be. Nuances are quite useful in advertising. Easily missed, yet very effective. And you can always argue that they were unintentional. You just have to pick someone to deliver them that can be arguably called a commentator rather than a talk show host.
Though GAP has a great history of using celebrities to push their clothes, which makes complete sense as media often sets trends, but it makes me wonder about GAP's intentions.

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Are you saying that they're preaching to the converted? I don't think that The Gap we're saying anything but "Dear god please don't vote BBQ again", that is; they were picking sides.