Who tweeted about what commercials, where, and when during the Super Bowl?

Bless the New York Times ten times over - not only for doing a great flash lineup of two decades of super bowl commercials using us as their source (though we're still a tad sad that they cropped our watermark from each ad even though they promised that they would not), but because they keep doing these amazingly geeky & cool flash graphics for all adgrunts enjoyment.

This year they've gone all out and listed Twitter chatter during the Super Bowl where you can check which brand names were mentioned at what time all across America. Pull the slider this way or that way and watch the words change, I love this. The Hulu evil plot to take over the world reigned in comments at the end of game, as they should because lets face it folks, how many brands can get away with that tagline? I bet half of those tweets were saying "wth? did I really just hear them say that?"

We were of course tweeting through the game as well. Adland is our site tweeting (where even your front page post could be announced) , while I am at Dabitch

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NY Times does just plain fantastic infographics.

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Yes! They're delish! That team needs to pat themselves on the back.

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