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IF insurance tries their hand at creating a viral with Elisabet Höglund. Fails.

These past two days a "viral" that really stunk to high heaven of forced spontaneity has circulated the Swedish parts of the intarwebs and "microblogs". In a clip on youtube veteran journalist Elisabet Höglund is seen pushing a biker dudes motorcycle over. The Youtube account was a virgin account, and when I first saw the film it had 500 viewings (now it's above 11000 - but since the story has appeared in Resumé, and the tabloids Expressen and Metro it's had significant traffic pull from 'old media')

For those who don't speak bork-bork, here's a translation of their "spontanious" conversation.

- Did you go home together or what?
- Yes yes, we went home, got home, she wanted me to wear my motorcycle helmet... Could you please stop filming I don't think...[turns around]
- Isn't that her.. Her from "Let's Dance".. whatsit?
- What the hell is she doing?
(The Lady from Let's dance yells -"You can't park here!")
- Who's the guy? That's her from "Lets Dance". You're filming right?
- Oh no, that's gonna cost her!

Now the tagline has appeared on the youtube film: "Take it easy MC-guy, "IF" will help you."

First mistake: the director has left in all the chatter from the "friends" in an effort to set the scene - "we're just playing with the camera and then WOW, that happened" - which isn't how a real person would be doing it. If you're playing with your camera and suddenly capture something that's interesting enough to share on youtube, you edit away the rubbish.

Also, it fails to become a viral since there's no nude animal puppets - see The Official AdLand Advertising Tutorial: Viral Advertising. Don't underestimate the power of nude animal puppets!

Update : Rumor has it that SNASK are the agency behind this. and boy was that wrong, Resumé now says it's created by Studio Total.

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I swear I read that as "rumor has it ad agency SNARK is behind this", just as I was about to snark on how terrible that hamfisted viral is.