Max "Banned German Sprite Blowjob commercial" Isaacson speaks.

So, you know, that Sprite ad, yeah we're not quite done talking about it yet.
PulseofHollywood has what they say is Max Isaacson speaking exclusivly to Perez Hilton.

If you we're caught underneath a two ton pile of rejected storyboards this week, you can watch that so called banned German Sprite commercial here (it was labelled "Banned" and "German" on youtube when it was up there, FYI) and read Porn-like Sprite "banned" blow-job ad made by Brooklyn hipsters Greencard Pictures.

Over to the email supposedly from Max.

“At the heart of it all these spots were meant to exist as something of a social experiment. It went much better than I had expected. I wanted to do two things: first to make the spots, which I thought were pretty entertaining ideas; and second to release it to the world and see how many people would believe that it was real. I made sure to put under the description that they were spec commercials, but that seemed to have little import.

To be honest I just wanted to get a rise out of everyone. I was kind of knocked off my ass when I spent an hour reading on the Huffington Post about whether or not the ads were pulled because it was an interracial couple. I mean that’s about five seconds of spray! How could it be real let alone banned for racial issues. One commenter said that they knew someone on the censorship board, and I didn’t even plant that one.

We shot those spots for no more than three thousand dollars, total. The only thing we had to shell out for was the five foot tall Sprite can. The kitchen is my kitchen and the bedroom is my roommates. Everyone donated their services, and were awesome I must add, but this was as by the seat of my pants as it could be, but I guess if you tell a big lie long enough etc. etc.

I’m not really sure what else to say. I’m sad that the videos have been pulled so quickly, it’s been something of a roller coaster day. I wish that everyone involved could have come to some kind of an accord, especially since there was no offense meant towards Sprite or the Coca-Cola corporation. C’est la vie, I guess.

I guess at the end of the day I just have to thank my lucky stars and get working on the next project. Who knows maybe I can make something else that will get people going as much as this did.

By the way, thanks for being one of the only sites to keep this online. Nice to know they’re out there.

Max Isaacson”

I'm so glad to have learned that a five foot tall Sprite can is roughly three thousand dollars.

Important update 22 July: Greencard Pictures does not endorse fake "banned" "German" soda pop advertisment

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This statement published on the Huffington Post sounds much better. (I have trouble believing the above one, but that might be just me,)

Max Isaacson Statement July 22nd

At about 9:30am on Monday, the Huffington Post ran an article regarding one of my commercials, claiming that "according to reports" it was a real advertisement, banned in Germany. After a few comments questioning the validity of this report, the thread was updated citing Current TV as its source. The credibility lent to this hoax by a media outlet such as the Huffington Post - a News site with a representative in the White House Press Corps - was immeasurable. The fact that the ad was fake, and labeled as such in the description of the YouTube video, didn't seem to matter to anybody until the video had hundreds of thousands of views the world over.