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Tareknour.tv copies pretty much everyone.

It looks like Marketing 3.0 has uncovered a factory-system of copied films, he posted "International ads Egyptianized" a while back, and now there's even a facebook group dedicated to collecting the stolen promos that are produced by Tarek Noor TV “new satellite channel”. There's plenty of examples, elevator fart and Berlitz language school being only two drops in the bucket. Joelapompe has badlanded the Berlitz language school copy, but there are plenty more where that came from. Lets compare an example, shall we?

ictv.ua - Elevator fart - (2009) :30 (Ukraine)

And the Tareknour.tv one;

Eh? What on earth? Isn't that pretty much exactly the same old joke? (Like the Berlitz language school, this advert seems to be based in what is a rather old joke, I should know I tell old jokes like a parrot all the time.) And since that is only one out of many examples, what is going on here? On Facebook there's this comment:

A topic started on the official group on 15 august (1 am ya3ni 14 bas belel shewaya) stating that: “TNTV is proud to compare the funniest TV content and duplicate it in Arabic. However, in each promo there is a difference. Find out and win an interview on Al Kahera Wal Nas in front of 70 Million viewers.Check out the fillers on YouTube and compare them to the original.”

So... They meant it as a game? but wait, there's more:

Notice that the previous was posted only on facebook and the website, for internet geeks to shut up, but never on TV, as only facebook users knew then about the whole rip off thing, tv watchers supposedly didn't know, han3arrafhom leh???

OK, that does seem rather odd. I have no idea what is the gameplan here. Did they make that "Game" thing up as to cover their asses after they got caught, or was there in fact a "game" in it? If so , what do us badland-obessed people win? I'd love a trip to Egypt! If you have a facebook account, you can check out the rather impressive video collection of copy-cat skits here. We can at the very least conclude that Tareknour.tv are pretty productive.

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These guys are too prolific. Too productive as you said. If other (un)creatives are following these examples I'll have to work on my copycat site 24H a day :-(

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Exactly. The guy who runs Marketing 3.0 tweet-DM:ed me about it a while back, and I went on the hunt to try and get the Tareknour TV ads here (since I really do not like embedding youtube stuff that may vanish, I have no idea if that "Hellmakers" branded ad will survive). But each day there was a new pairing posted - you could dedicate an entire site to these guys. Or a facebook group, as they have. ;)) I count fifteen examples today! This being a rather obvious copy of the 2004 "horse flatulance / sleigh" Bud Light superbowl commercial, which is (understatement) pretty world famous. Brass balls aye?

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As promised, Bates Unites has kept its word and sent us the following. For those who may think we are making it up call them yourself!!

We, Bates Unites in Oslo has made the Berlitz film "German Coastguard" and we have not given anyone the right to "rip-off" this film.

Pål Trælvik
Administrerende direktør/CEO

Bates United AS
Holbergsgate 21, (vis a vis SAS Hotellet)
PB 7094 St.Olavs plass N-0130 Oslo

+47 907 90 000 (mobile)
+47 22 87 97 01 (direct)
+47 953 40 267 (fax)

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Hey guys, one of y'all sent me an email stating that the TV channel in Egypt even had the gall to threaten to sue that Facebook group created regarding this. I asked for a copy of the email from the TV channel but got no reply (maybe my email got spamtrapped). What exactly does the letter state?

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Update on this one - The Facebook group creator got arrested - Calling Tarek Nour a copy-cat gets you arrested in Egypt.