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Self Branding Has Arrived

Advertising is immersed with the notion of infusing creativity and dynamism into a successful and connecting marketing idea.

In an industry where creativity is key, and convention is thrown out of the window on the very first day, ‘normal’ just doesn’t cut it.

As a result I thought it was time to utilise that creativity and ability, to come up with a connecting and relevant idea: www.adlandshouldhireme.com

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The fellow behind the website calls himself “adlandcreative” and uses his blog and website, adlandshouldhireme.com, to showcase his creative skills and convey just why he would be so valuable to a marketing services agency.

Nowhere does he actually take the opportunity to place a CV. Not even in the section of his website entitled “Resume”. Is this the new way of getting a job? Are covering letters and CVs yesterday’s news? Blogs and the likes of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are pretty valuable tools when you need to get a message out to millions of people, so why not use them to impress potential employers?

One wonder what the idea is.

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Looks like the idea is a blog. How ground-breaking. Cannes-worthy?

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Hire him/her? With that blog template? LOLZ!

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At first I thought he meant that Adland should hire him/her. For that he needs to beef up on his webskills. Is it irony to place that here or just a clever ploy to try and climb higher in SEO on the word "adland" by piggybacking on Adland?

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Please tell me there is something else to this story. It's like watching a traffic accident.

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Trademark infringement. Seriously, in the US, you could probably get a cease and desist for his use of your name w/o permission particularly as it is causing confusion in the very community in which you operate (the advertising community).

Bet you can in the UK/EU too. Probably.

Sue the wanker. :-)

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Adland definition - First entry: 'The advertising world; the advertising business.'

Adland definition - Second entry: 'The advertising industry, and all the companies and people who are involved in it.'

Part of Speech: n

Usage: Informal

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Do you know how to interpret smileys? You might want to brush up on that skill.

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If we want to get legal-technical (I assume that your dictionary quotation is a reply to LeslieBAP's suggestion of trademark infringement by suggestion "it's a common word"), may I point out that there are common words out there that are trademarked. Apple and Windows come to mind. Then there are trademarks which (in the UK) have become common words, like Hoover.

But that aside, I honestly thought you wanted a job here at Adland when I first read the subject of your email. That was both funny and confusing at the same time.