Well, at least he drives a prius, right?

Somebody skilled at photoshop, or perhaps a photographer, or maybe both, has done this nicely executed spoof campaign for Toyota Prius where people do all sorts of bad things like dump bodies (in a "no dumping" lake, so bad - remember what happened to Springfield!), pick up hookers or have affairs with the landscaper. Well, at least they drive a Prius, right?
Who spent all this energy on doing a fake campaign I wonder, I hope it's not an agency trying to win a pitch. (two more ads inside after the jump)

Via AdFreak via windingroad.

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It's funny, looking over the web, a lot of commentators around blogs don't get that they are fake as I brought up in my blog:

ok creative designers at toyota:
how about we not degrade women with every single one of these ads???

making women the culprit of ambiguous crimes, all "towards" men.
the prostitute.
the dead body.
the cheating in the front yard.
(or the skanky daughter, take your pick).

absolutely disgusting.

Says something about how good the ads are or how bad people read text, when there are pics in a post?

The ads:
Art direction by David Krulik, photography by Luke Stettner
Arab Aquarius.

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Luke! Dang, I should've known.

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I thoght these were real!

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Tired of the same old ads that try to convince you that you are saving the Earth by driving a hybrid (newsflash: You're not. It's just less bad than most other cars available right now, and that's important, but lets keep things in perspective)? Well, these are certainly different. One shows a man getting rid of a body (composting it?) near a lake, with the caption: "Well, at least he drives a Prius." Another shows a man with a woman who we can assume is a prostitute, with the same text.

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