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Visual pun of the week: Hoovering Art Directors

We all know and love hovering Art Directors. Now there's Hoovering Art Directors! Tune in next week when the tumbr blog of time-sheets covering art directors shows up. "Worked on research for client X all Friday, was certainly not stoned in the factory gift shop for four hours."

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HowieSPM's picture

I have a yard they can clean too

trae's picture

Pointing over the shoulder just got easier -- and a whole lot more exciting...

AnonymousCoward's picture

"Could you just move that bit... "
"This, move this."
"This bit, move it."
"Look, I can't hear you until you turn the hoover off."

Dabitch's picture

No "suck" puns? You guys are slacking.

trae's picture

I was thinking of expanding anonymous coward's to include the loss of an ear but that seemed to be going a bit too far...