- Our Blades Are F***ing Great

More like: Our Blades Are F**ing Old Spice Meets Kevin Butler ripoffs. Because where else have we seen a dude walking to camera and smart-ass talking, while weird and silly stuff happens all around? Oh, and a polio joke, too. Which is supposed to be funny. How many times will we keep seeing spots like these? Once more, apparently:

According to the Wall Street Journal's blog, Dollar Shave Club is just what it sounds like. A razor-by-mail delivery service.

First off, how is that even legal.

Second, this feels like the next coming of those old cynical dot com spots from days of yore. Anyone remember outpost?

Third, while it's nice you apparently created jobs, or a job, and you're all rah rah America, is the world really crying out for razors by mail?

Time will tell.

And by "Time will tell," we mean "Never."

Client: Dollar Shave Club

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