Century 21 - Agents of Change - The Debate (2006) :30 (USA)

"That's not the point..."

Agency: mcgarrybowen

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I saw a reference to this ad that stated that the woman in this ad was the nastiest wife on television. The link the person provided so others could see the ad (on who I think might be its creator's site) is now a dead link, which means to me that that creator had no defense in response to that accusation, so he took the ad off of his website so others couldn't see it in that context.

Fortunately, someone else was astute enough to locate this ad on this website. Thank you to adland.tv for having this ad available for us to see.

I have to agree with the original commentator. This is a horrible ad and the woman in this ad comes off looking like a nasty, ranting, nagging wife who emasculates her husband whenever it suits her so she can get what she wants. Also, her husband comes off as a hen-pecked, spineless man/child who years ago gave up his soul and masculinity after being beaten down too many times by the shrew of a woman he married.

Then, the wife seems to have engineered an ambush on the husband by having her agent on speakerphone while she cuts her husband off at the knees - now in front of an audience.

This ad is just disgusting, and no, having the wife exclaim "Are you kidding me" with a hint of gratitude DOES NOT redeem this woman OR this ad.

It's stunning, considering how many people had to sign off on this ad before it could hit the airwaves, that someone along the line didn't say, "Hey, you guys, this ad sucks really badly."

Too bad they all had to wait for their audience to let them know. You see, now I'm thinking, "Wow...Century 21 doesn't have good enough judgment to know THAT was a horrible idea. So, how could I possibly trust them with the biggest financial transaction of my life?" Yeah, I'm thinking that right before I move on to find another realty company.

On a separate subject, I see I am going to be called an "anonymous coward" by posting this without doing whatever it is that this website wants me to do. That's fine. I don't mind being called that. As long as it keeps me from getting on one more shameless spammer's list, they can call me whatever they want.

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I see my comment has to pass a moderator before it gets published. So, despite my comments being clearly and properly stated, without any profanity or attack on anyone, I'm sure what I just posted will never see the light of day, because I doubt said moderator will have the courage to allow my honest comments to be viewed, because it might not put this website in the best light, although I did thank the website at the beginning of my comment. We'll see if the First Amendment is honored by this website.

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"That's not the point, the p-"
Maybe if you let him talk he would say, "We can't afford it, we're going to get foreclosed on in less than a year and we'll wind up owing more than what the house is worth after the market collapses."

Clearly more than your husband loves you, you unbearable harpy.

"The kids are three and one."
Yeah, they'll grow up without a dad, at this rate. I want a divorce.

Well, Suzanne probably should have done a little more research, considering that market experts were warning of a housing bubble as early as 2001. By 2005, even The Economist magazine was talking about it -- a magazine you can buy at the grocery store! The writing was on the wall that housing prices were way too high, and anyone who "researched" it should have known it was an awful time to buy, but we can trust Suzanne, our realtor who makes commission on sales.

WHY IS SHE ON THE PHONE??? Congratulations Suzanne, you just tuned in to the audiobook of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. I should have listened to my college roommate when he said you were a psycho hell-vulture, but you 've turned me into a pathetic, middle-aged failure who can't even say no to the second worst decision of his life!

Century 21. Because life changes people.