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Skullcandy and Yo Gabba Gabba

Well this is fun, albeit a bit odd. Skullcandy and their in-house team partnered with everyone's favorite indie-rock inspired kid's show Yo Gabba Gabba to showcase their customizable (by color) headphones.

The video features Skullcandy crew members Eric Koston, Steve Berra, Robbie Madison and Chrissy Teigen, Chanel Iman, Jessica Stam. For those who don't know who those people are, half are skaters and the rest are models. Because nothing says Great Quality Headphones than skaters and models, right?

This of course begs the question, why did Skullcandy team up with Yo Gabba Gabba?

I would like to believe they were going for the "customization is so easy a kid can do it," angle. I somehow doubt it, because they would have, you know, communicated that, during the film. And maybe tapped into Yo Gabba Gabba's aesthetic of using indie bands and other things that are relevant to this age group. As opposed to skaters and models.

So i'm kind of at a loss here as to why the pairing happened.

Maybe they are wanting to tap into that all-important elementary school demographic. Because most seven-year-olds have two hundy to drop on a pair of headphones, right? Right?!

Maybe Skullcandy is scouting five-year-olds to see who will be the next skateboarder/model 14 years later.

Weirdo demographic mixups aside, at least it's a fun, cute trip. But for two hundy? I'd rather get a pair of Beats By Dre.

Just sayin'.

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Maybe skullcandy want four year olds to buy their headphones...... They'd last five seconds in a toddlers hands. Imagine the sales charts skyrocketing with replacement headphones! Also Urban Ears is where it's at, fool.

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I"m sort of new here, so I don't quite understand if this is a facetious post, or not. It seems pretty clear they're pointing towards the 'cool parents' who watch YGG w/ their children, no? We all used to skate. I've probably watched the Mouse video with Koston 60 times. I'm sure some of my old skate rat buddies, who take their 3 year olds to the park on the weekends purely for inspirational purposes are a willing sales target for these vids. If they have to make the choice between Koston and the D.R.E., they'll choose Koston.

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Do these hipster skater über cool parents like the super models too? I'm not understanding this one at all, I must admit.