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Flamingo Casino - Meet the family - (2012) :30 (USA)

Peter Dietrich directs this BBDO SF spec effort for Flamingo Casino.

The idea is you'll get a lot of deals when you get on Flamingo Las Vegas' website.

The spot is...well, basically, a dude meets his girlfriend's family and they're all hot. Including the sexy mermaid goldfish and the dad who is a hot chick with a dad's voice. Because the boyfriend gets more than he bargained for. Or something.

It feels like it's a Bud Light spot transplanted as a Las Vegas resort hotel spot.

What does one say to this?

Beyond the sexy lady factor there's not much to say about it that can redeem it into anything approaching interesting or good.

Except for the sound design. That's kind of nice. When the hot girl dad clamps down on the pipe. Pretty awesome.


CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Ricard Valero, Dan Hofstadter

PRODUCTION: Acommonthread

DOP: Nic Sadler

EDITOR: Kristin McCasey | Therapy

POSTPRO : Therapy | Film Deluxe

MUSIC: Hosty Duo

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AnonymousCoward's picture

hilarious... love the cast and approach. great ad.

Dabitch's picture

I find rather sexist, old, and trite, but whatever rocks your boat man.

AnonymousCoward's picture

OMG... this is pure irony.... I suggest to fight against sexism, gambling, alcohol and anything which is politically incorrect in Las Vegas. Good luck !

kidsleepy's picture

OMG it's not irony. We're not talking about that happenings n Sin City. We're talking about the spot. Think about the "What happens in Vegas Stays In Vegas," campaign. Everything in those ads was implied. And the subtlety h made it a lot smarter than this and actually offered a more compelling reason to go. This ad in contrast very obviously suggests, getting free deals, is a lot like getting more free ass than you bargained for. Is it on strategy? Sure. But is it AMerican Pie stupid? Yes. Is it obvious? Yes. Is it good? No.

AnonymousCoward's picture

I’ve been sharing this commercial with some other creatives who have seen it all, and it made them laugh. If the humour in it is not right up your street... fair enough.
Anyhow, I suggest to concentrate on working on better stuff than playing the art critic in the world of adverstising. A truly ridiculous attitude... Implied subtlety in a casino ad, ...dude !

It seems you spend your precious time here, instead of writing brilliant concepts which blow away people’s minds.
Obviously agencies and clients are keeping wannabe intellectuals like you very busy.

kidsleepy's picture

I presume then that this spot fall into one of those so-called brilliant concepts "which blow away people's minds."
Yes, I think we will have to agree to disagree on that one.

I do doff my hat to you for giving up some of your own precious time to leave personal attack comments. Always a pleasure!

Dabitch's picture

This is a MUCH Better Casino/Vegas/Hotel ad in my opinion. And I didn't have to use any personal attacks to voice that opinion. It can be done. Also dear AnonymousCoward on 9. October 2012 - 14:36 Dave Trott thinks you're a little child.

The Cosmopolitan - Let Me Go / Queen Bohemian Rhapsody

AnonymousCoward's picture

Thanks for sharing, I "personally" like this commercial, it’s nicely directed. But I really don’t think it’s cutting edge creativity. A mediocre idea which is lightyears away from being new, extended to a one minute version and produced with a big budget.

Some other comments from YouTube on this one:

„Can someone explain this shit to me. I have no idea what the fuck the commercial is trying to say.“

„I hate this commercial!“

„this is the stupidest commercial on tv right now“

„Way to ruin a song. REALLY stupid commercial, btw.“

„Really, REALLY dumb commercial“

„This commercial makes me want to puke.“

(not sure wether those people have been prepared for „ implied subtlety“ in a spot.)

It’s time leave you alone on this kids playground, there are better things to do, but I confess I had a lot of fun during this littly controversy. Cheers.

AnonymousCoward's picture

BTW: congrats for posting a sexism-free commercial !!! :o)

Dabitch's picture

So, AnonymousCoward on 10. October 2012 - 0:42., thanks for sharing the youtube comments. I think this one in particular „Can someone explain this shit to me. I have no idea what the fuck the commercial is trying to say.“ shows that this ad fails on many levels. If they don't understand "more than you bargained for" depicted by an entire family of really hot ladies (including dad) it's because the idea is trite, and a long walk for a ham sandwich. So we think it sucks, and so does the daft underbelly of the web known as youtube commenters. Your ball.

tldr; Subtle can be a lot clearer than stupid.

AnonymousCoward's picture

hey dabitch, these youtube comments are related to the "subtle" cosmopolitan commercial you posted here...

Dabitch's picture

Ah. Well that changes things. Except the part where one doesn't have to add personal attacks on Kidsleepy in ones comments, just because one disagrees with him. You should try it sometime.

Agree on the nicely directed, and I also think very well cast The Cosmopolitan ad. I also agree with Kidsleepy that despite the juvenile sexist idea in the Flamingo casino ad, the sound design is top notch.

AnonymousCoward's picture

Sure... Peace Love And Understanding for all of us.

Dabitch's picture

Feel free to apologize for your personal attack on Kidsleepy any time. Disagreeing on an ads merit is fine, telling someone to go do better work and yapping about them "playing ad critics" is personal.

AnonymousCoward The Third!'s picture

I think that with the addition of Wendy the fish it went from sexist to surreal, and I find it amusing. And that is how easy it was to disagree with Kidsleepy and Dabitch without insulting either one of them personally.

Also, I love the captcha. "Hello Newman." Ha!

Dabitch's picture

She should have been a fish called Wanda.