Nike Gets Bit

It's a minute long. Less than a second of it has two dogs on leashes - a pit bull and a rottweiler - doing what dogs sometimes do. "Heavens to Betsy!," exclaimed some. "They're glorifying dog fighting!" And poof... it's pooched.

Go here for the story, and if you're a superadgrunt, go here for the spot.

From what I can see, the dogs do the snarly lunge thing, but are pulled back by the handlers, which to me sends out the message that they're keeping the dogs from fighting, not glorifying it. It fits in great with the spot and the music too, dang it.

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Twenty people? Thats all it takes? 20 people complain and a fantastic commercial is yanked off the air?

I'll leave you to think about how many protested the war and the non-results of that one.

What does all of this mean?

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I blinked and missed it. Seriously. I did.
Where the hell were the dogs in this commercial?

Did those who complained record and track through the commercial frame by frame?

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It's between 0:49 and 0:50, roughly ;-)

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god. if i pulled my commercials after 20 complaints, i'd have nothing on the air.

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Am I being paranoid or is something going on here? Are more and more spots being yanked, or threatened with being yanked?

TiVo may actually be the salvation of our industry (although the chronic complainers usually aren't satisfied with making their own choices in their own homes).

I'm not sure how I feel about the content this spot (probably 'cause I just read some disturbing stuff about inner-city dog fighting) but technically speaking, yeah, it's good. One that deserves to spark conversation (as they all should) not the villagers out in force with their flaming pitchforks.

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