Sharpsuits: Making creative posters from bad creative advice - and donating proceeds to charity. are making fab looking creative posters from bad creative advice they heard from clients. We all have our ways of dealing with it, some slam their heads repeatedly into their keyboards, others just crank up the creative output and make "we need to remove the babies ear", "Irish people can't read italics", and the ever present "Make it pop" look good. "They" you say, who is "they"? The idea was brought to you by Mark and Paddy. If they ever leave the office, y'all should buy them a pint. This wasn't just an exercise in showing off ones font-collection, there was an exhibition in Dublin the A3 posters were sold, all in aid of Temple Street Children's Hospital. One can harness pent up anger and frustration for good things!

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The most frightening thing is I've had some of these type of statements come out of mouths of my creative directors!

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That's scary.

"Make it pop" is the one I heard most often. Stawp, people, stawp.

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Also, who HASN'T had a brief where the target audience is men and women aged zero and up?

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These are a little TOO hilarious...thanks for posting...unfortunately a lot of these statements could have been made by account executives merely repeating what clients have told them. Bad Account Management leads to bad creative.

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Aw they cute. I have never heard that kind of word soup.

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