Farm Sanctuary "Pigs are friends, not food." (2014) :35 (USA)


Farm Sanctuary "Pigs are friends, not food." (2014) :35 (USA)

First PETA now this ad for Farm Sanctuary are showing us a lighter, smarter and way less exploitive side of Animal Rights and Veganism. For that I applaud.

In this stop-motion animated spot, with characters created with folded paper no less, we learn a few facts about pigs in an effort to change perception. They aren't in fact animals who roll around in the mud all day. Okay, they do roll around in mud, but they are able to learn play video games with joy sticks faster than chimps, faster than a three-year old child, and can beat both.

Between PETA and Farm Sanctuary, I'll throw my weight behind the latter any day.Farm Sanctuary is a least trying to inform rather than preached, and this ad works on those merits alone. Plus it's a cute ad. So I applaud them for that.

Will the fact a pig can beat a three-year old at Space Invaders make a meat eater want to stop eating meat? That's a tricky one.

Also for every yin a yang. There are two billion pigs on the planet. Some of them are feral, and the feral pigs are actually destroying the ecosystem.
Oh, and some of them are radioactive. No joke.
Don't know about you but I personally don't want a wild radioactive pig as a friend.

Client: Farm Sanctuary
Director: Melanie Mandl
Agency: One/x
Copywriter: Jean Rhode
Copywriter: Kelly Beck-Byrnes
Executive Creative Director: Jason Wulfsohn
Director of Strategy: Ben Tiernan
Junior Art Director: Belinda Sumali
Voice Over Talent: Amanda Philipson
Color Correction: David Smith
VO Recording: Sonicpool Post Production
Production Design: Melanie Mandl
Set Decorator: Zarouhi Mazmanyan
Character Design:Melanie Mandl, Robbie Mehring
Model Makers: Zarouhi Mazmanyan, Henry Kamp
Lighting Designer: Mark Mervis
Animated by: Melanie Mandl
"Farm Runner" video game designed by: Henry Kamp
Compositing/ Rotoscoping: Henry Kamp
Mixed by: David Bach
Music Composed by: J. William Adkins
Special Thanks: Somewhere Something, All Sets, Brandon Fusco, Dean Styers, Keystone Art Space, Victoria Foraker, Tommi Zabrecky



I think you better check your facts. There are 2-6 million feral pigs in the US. And 65 BILLION animals are farmed and die each year for meat eaters. In the US, 112 million pigs are killed every year for food.
So... if more people stop eating pigs, there will be fewer pigs on the planet (less demand = less supply) causing less damage to the ecosystem. It's really quite simple. The problem isn't pigs. The problem is people farming pigs and the people who eat them.
And I don't doubt that there are radioactive pigs due to the radiation that exists (no thanks to fukushima). In fact, there are radioactive fish and plants too. Come to think of it, some humans are probably more radioactive than pigs. and i personally don't want a radioactive human as a friend. I'd much rather have a radioactive pig as a friend, they won't steal from you.
Here's an idea. Maybe if just half of the 7 billion people overpopulating this planet stopped eating animals, and realized they could get all protein the need from plants, the world would be a better place.
But I suppose it's much easier to follow the archaic ways of the past and continue NOT to think about the intelligent animals we eat who feel pain, just as we do.
I end with a quote from our friend Albert Einstein: "Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival for life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."

You love facts you'll appeciate these ones:

Einstein did not say what you wrote. This is what he actually said: "So I am living without fats, without meat, without fish, but am feeling quite well this way. It always seems to me that man was not born to be a carnivore." It was from a letter written toward the end of his life to Hans Muehsam, around 1954.

Not quite the same thing as what you said.

Here are some more facts:

This is an advertising site. This site exists to critique ads. We like to snark about them. it's called humor.

Here's another fact which you seemed to overlook when you got on your soap box:

I said I liked the damn ad.

Here's one more fact: We removed your link. If you want to place a banner ad on this site for A Well Fed World, we have very reasonable rates. otherwise, stick to the context which is the ads, and how effective they are.


That whole "radioactive pigs" rant sounded like it would make a good B-movie plot.

Don't try to reason with a rabid vegan-bot. It doesn't matter if we're saying the ad is good or not, they'll arrive to spout unrelated nonsense because they're on a mission to make more vegans and since they're not advertising professionals they believe talking about radioactive pigs is a successful strategy.

"Advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art."

And clearly, not everyone is an artist.

So...they're kind of like the Copyleft bots doing Big Tech's bidding. Gotcha.

I'm already tired of this subject. if you need me, I have a pile of bacon to attend to.

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