Lavazza Coffee Advertising Gets Hot and Steamy

Client: Lavazza

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areia's picture

Digging coffee beans out from all sorts of places. Not very appetizing.

Dabitch's picture

Kinky though! ;)

TDD's picture

I prefer my coffee be made from beans naked people have not been frolicking in.

Dabitch's picture

There's a label I'd like to see. Right next to the fair trade coffee there's the "beans that naked people have not been frolicking in" coffee. Get a designer on making a symbol for that stat! How about some boobs and a red slash across it? Like ghostbusters but with a babe? ;P

TDD's picture

What's Your Kink? Coffee.

TDD's picture

Naked Frolic Coffee: We Put The Kink In Coffee.

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Certified Non Naked Frolic Coffee: For a kinkless conscience.

TDD's picture

No. "Kink free" sounds better. But does, "kink free" sound too much like, "kinky"? That might cause confusion.

MaryWills's picture

Wow they even worked in a manage-a-toi!

Dabitch's picture

I would never had noticed that had you not pointed it out. Now I wish I hadn't.

AnonymousCoward's picture

woah. this ad definitely does stand out and is making a statement. im not even sure what to say other than woah.

sex and coffee. nothing better.

sake2me's picture

Don't see anything wrong with the beans. Just as long as the brew tastes good. Lol. Google Kopi Luwak and see if you are still squeamish.

Dabitch's picture

I've drunk that. Not impressed.

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